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5 November 2014
CapeNature Biodiversity Symposium? 2014

CapeNature Biodiversity Symposium 2014

The Department of Biodiversity and Conservation Biology (Faculty of Natural Sciences) is proud to host the CapeNature Biodiversity Symposium for 2014.  

CapeNature is a public institution with the statutory responsibility for biodiversity conservation in the Western Cape.  The organisation is governed by the Western Cape Nature Conservation Board Act 15 of 1998 and mandated to: promote and ensure nature conservation; render services and provide facilities for research and training; and generate income. CapeNature manages most of the mountain catchments and reserves that supply ecosystem services to the citizens of the Western Cape.  Much of these efforts are in remote areas out of the public eye but have a direct bearing on the quality of life of millions of people in the region.

The CapeNature Biodiversity Symposium is an annual event that aims to explore various biodiversity research projects, conservation topics and threats to explore best practice for biodiversity conservation in the province. The event brings together leaders from governmental, non-governmental and academic institutions to debate the issues surrounding conservation, and it highlights the essential – yet often unseen – work done by these partner organisations.  It is only through partnerships that we will win the battle for biodiversity and conservation, and contribute to sustainable economic development in South Africa.  This year’s theme is “Conserving nature for a sustainable future” and focuses on managing conservation to ensure healthy ecosystems and ecosystem services, preventing biodiversity loss and how we can conserve with a people-centred approach within the provincial protected areas. 

UWC is the first academic institution in Cape Town to host a CapeNature Biodiversity Symposium.  We are proud to both accommodate CapeNature and to participate in this very important conservation event.  Should you need further information pertaining to the event, feel free to contact any of the persons listed below.

  • Gavin W. Maneveldt (UWC Department of Biodiversity and Conservation Biology): 021 9592342;
  • Melody Williams (UWC Public Relations and Events Co-ordinator): 021 959 9705;