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24 March 2014
Carbon Capture: Clean environment

We are pleased to invite you to the workshop "Carbon Capture: Clean environment" scheduled from 24-26 March 2014 at the University of the Western Cape in Cape Town. 

This workshop will be a joint effort of the University of the Western Cape and the Norwegian University of Science and technology. The main objective of this partnership is to transfer carbon capture competence to South African institutions and to contribute to further development to competence and focus on CCS.

The workshop focuses on the present and future advances in carbon capture and storage highlighting the latest materials technological developments designed to capture carbon dioxide.This workshop will offer a series of informative technical presentations that will provide

an overview of carbon capture technologies and recent research progress as well as poster presentations. Therefore, it is an honour and privilege to invite you to participate in this workshop.

Our Guest speakers:

Prof S.-E. Park, Director of the Laboratory of Nano-Green Catalysis and NanoCenter for Fine Chemicals Fusion Technology at Inha University at Incheon, Korea. Editor-in-Chief: J. CO2 utilization.

Prof P Budd. Professor of Polymer Chemistry at the University of Manchester

Prof Olav Bolland, Head of Department of Energy and Process Engineering, Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

Dr Atsushi Urakawa, Group leader at the Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia, Spain

Prof W. Schwieger, Institute of Chemical Reaction Engineering, Erlangen University, Germany.

With other invited speakers from SACCCS, Eskom.

Organising Committee

Dr Salam Titinchi, University of the Western Cape, South Africa

Prof. Olav Bolland, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

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