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9 May 2017
Career Xpo 2017

Career Xpo 2017

Office for Student Development

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The countdown has begun and final preparations for the 2017 Careers Xpo are well underway…the only missing link is YOU, the UWC student!

You are hereby invited to attend:

Law and B Com Law students: Law Careers Xpo on Tuesday, 9 May between 10h00-14h00.

EMS, Arts, Law and Science students: General Careers Xpo on Wednesday, 10 May between 10h00-14h00.

Accounting, Computer Science and Information Systems students: Accounting and I.T Xpo on Thursday, 11 May between 10h00-14h00.

Registration starts at 09h00 and you will enter the Main Hall by 09h30.

Accounting, Computer Science, B Com Law, Law and Information Systems students are required to attend their discipline specific event as well as the General Xpo.

We do understand that you may have a jam packed academic schedule, however you are encouraged to attend the event for at least an hour even if it is split during your free periods. You might be the future talent that companies are looking for!

How will you:

• Decide which companies to target?

• Approach the recruiter at the Xpo?

• Decide on questions to ask?

Do see your email for the Careers Xpo brochure on the list of companies attending this year’s event plus some job search tips.

Also log onto the new UWC Career Xplora portal: to have digital access to career service activities, check which recruiters are attending the event  and follow them to see opportunities they have available for 2018.


You are required to produce your valid UWC student card to participate.

This event is for registered UWC students only.