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2 August 2023
EMS Women's Month Webinars 2023
It has been more than three years since the coronavirus-related lockdown happened in South Africa. Hence, in the first session of the Women's Month webinar series, we will primarily focus on examining the state of the economy, by looking at macroeconomic indicators (e.g. inflation rate, real GDP growth, repo rate), non-income welfare by gender, key labour market indicators, main challenges faced by formal and informal sector entrepreneurs to sustain and grow their businesses with the aid of numerous data sources (e.g. Survey of Employers and Self-Employed, Finscope, World Bank Enterprise Survey), and how South Africa compares with other countries in some international indices (e.g. Doing Business Index, Global Competitiveness Index), before we discuss the possible solutions for entrepreneurs to sustain and grow their businesses. Findings by gender are derived, if possible.
Programme Panelist Panelist email
Chair: Prof Derek Yu Prof Derek Yu: Professor and Chair of Department of Economics, UWC
16:00-16:05: Welcome and Introduction
(Prof Derek Yu)
Session Chair
16:05-16:10:  Context setting (Prof Michelle Esau) Prof Michelle Esau: Dean of the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences, UWC
16:10-16:25: Presentation
(Prof Derek Yu): The state of the South African economy (pre- and post-COVID)
Prof Derek Yu: Professor and Chair of the Department of Economics, UWC
16:25-16:45: Presentation
(Dr Anthanasius Tita): Challenges faced by the formal sector microenterprises in South Africa
Dr Anthanasius Tita: Part-Time Lecturer, Department of Finance, UWC
16:45-17:05: Presentation
(Ms Luthando Mzilikazi):
Why is it important for
female individuals and business owners to participate in the
investment industry?
Ms Luthando Mzilikazi: SA Funds Sales Manager, Ninety One
17:05-17:30:  Discussion, reflections and directions for solutions Session chair
17:30: Closing (Prof Derek Yu) Session chair