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23 October 2014
Harold Wolpe Lecture

The Harold Wolpe Memorial Trust  in collaboration with  the University of the Western Cape... 

Invitation to a Harold Wolpe Lecture 

Thursday, 23 October 2014 

16h30 for 17h00 

At the University of the Western Cape, Life Sciences Auditorium  to honour the contribution of Prof Brian O’Connell to  higher education in South Africa, on his retirement. 

Speaker: Prof Crain Soudien 

Deputy Vice-Chancellor, University of Cape Town

Dreaming of a future facing our history. Towards the post-apartheid university. 

After all the scrutiny universities have been subjected to, all this looking upon us from afar and our own navel-gazing, we should know a great deal about ourselves and the system in which we work. And so, it is important to ask, what can we say about ourselves? What do we think we have learnt? How do we describe what we are and how do we situate ourselves in relation to our peers elsewhere in the world? And, critically, what assessment can we make of ourselves in relation to that other world we ostensibly have left behind? How have we come to wear our new post-apartheid clothes, and what, even more urgently, does post-apartheid mean for us? 

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