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25 February 2015
ISD seminarExperience in Research and Human Development in Zimbabwe

Experience in Research and Human Development in Zimbabwe”

Presenter:  Gertjan van Stam
Topic Synopsis
The talk introduces an observed African paradigm rooted in a philosophy that values obligation and 
good behaviour through showing Unhu (Ubuntu). The talk calls for local capacity, involving 
knowledge and epistemic justice by seeking understanding of the indigenous meaning and its 
framing of reality, in language, philosophy, worldview, and – ultimately – technology
Brief Biography:
Gertjan van Stam lived 10 years in rural Macha (Zambia) and 2 years in rural Murambinda 
(Zimbabwe). He lives in Harare currently, where he is a research fellow in the Zimbabwe 
government’s Science and Industrial Technology Development Centre (SIRDC).  He has been involved 
with strategic developments in ICT in Africa since 1987.
His quest is for a logical framework for understanding dynamics of change in African communities 
and engendering leadership capable of inspiring, initiating, implementing, operating, and scaling up 
sustainable progress and the use of technology in the local community.
Since 2011, Gertjan has volunteered in strategy-making at the IEEE, the largest professional institute 
in the world. He is part of IEEEs Ad Hoc Committee for Africa, working on Social Innovation and 
leading 'thought leadership and advocacy'. His activities in Zambia were featured in IEEE The 
Institute, and his career was documented in an award-winning IEEE video at TryEngineering. The 
activities in Zambia were documented worldwide though BBC Clicks. Gertjan authored the book 
Placemark, and has published over 30 articles on findings and lessons learned in rural Africa.
Date: Wednesday, 25 February 2015
Time: 15:00 to 16:30
Venue: SOG Building 1 E & G
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