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9 December 2013
Mandela Exhibition To Open At UWC

Mandela Exhibition To Open At UWC

The University of the Western Cape (UWC) has been recognised as a public place of tribute for the late President, Nelson Mandela. "UWC invites students, staff and fellow South Africans to come and visit the Nelson Mandela exhibition in the foyer of the Main Hall, and also to visit the Robben Eiland-UWC Mayibuye Archives, as we reflect on the meaning of Nelson Mandela and his commitment towards building a post-apartheid future", says Professor Brian O'Connell, the Rector and Vice-Chancellor of UWC.

The exhibition will be launched onMonday, 9 December 2013, and will be open from8:00amtill6:00pm on Monday, and from6:00amtill6:00pmduring the week leading up to the funeral.

A Book of Remembrance will also be available for the public to sign their tributes to the Mandela family.

 When UWC awarded an honorary doctorate to Dr Nelson Mandela on 28 November 1990, it wished to acknowledge the consequences of his political vision for educational transformation that had been at the very core of UWC’s effort to transcend the burden of apartheid education. UWC also wished to pay tribute to his ideals of service and ethical leadership that animated the struggles against apartheid. It is in this spirit that we wish to honour the life and contributions of Dr Nelson Mandela.

Dr Nelson Mandela’s relationship with UWC has since been epitomised by the development of the Mayibuye-Robben Island Museum, and the efforts of the University community to work towards re-writing the history of oppression and subjugation.

The commitments that have shaped our ongoing process of building a post-apartheid university remain true to the struggle for democracy and non-racialism. These ideals that Madiba stood for should be at the heart of the events planned over the ten days of mourning.