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19 September 2013
Nursing students go shoeless for charity

Nursing students go shoeless for charity

UWC's 4th year nursing students are going barefoot. Not because they don't have shoes – but because they care about those members of society that are less fortunate than we are, and they'd like you to care as well.

Thursday 19 September has been designated Barefoot Day: as part of their community outreach programme, 46 nursing students will be collecting shoes at various points outside the student centre – and going barefoot, since they're leading by example and giving their own shoes for the cause. Shoes will also be collected on Friday 20 September.

The collected items will go to The Haven Night Shelters, to empower less fortunate people and enable them to be active members of the community and society. The shoes will be a small step toward restoring their dignity and self worth, and encouraging participation in society and community activities.

All shoes are welcome, old or new – so bring your sneakers, your running shoes, your wing-tips and pumps and platforms, even your Sunday best or those old cowboy boots you wore to that one party you'd rather forget.

Help someone else walk a mile in your shoes.

For more information, please contact Marcel Rwasabisi on 079 746 2659 or via email at

Barefoot Day Event Details

Venue: Outside the Student Centre

Date: Thursday 19 September 2013 & Friday 20 September 2013

Time: 13h00 to 14h00