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17 November 2014
Photovoice Exhibition

Photovoice Exhibition: Safe and Unsafe Campus Spaces

Student safety and well-being on campus and beyond are major concerns at UWC. Everybody should know where they can feel safe, and where they can’t - and sharing that information can save a life.

That’s why 3rd year students from the Department of Women’s & Gender Studies have channeled their photovoices, taking photographs and telling stories of the spaces they’ve experienced as safe at UWC...and the spaces they’ve experienced as unsafe. And they’ll be sharing those photostories at the PhotoVoice Exhibition in the Library Atrium on Monday 17 November.

All are please do pop by. You may just learn something life-saving.

PhotoVoice Exhibition

Date: Monday 17 November 2014

Venue: Library Atrium

Time: 12:00