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7 April 2021
Reminder: Webinar today - International effort to curb climate change

More than 100 climate-focused webinars are scheduled around the world today. An international consortium of universities - including UCT, UJ, Wits and hundreds of others from across the world - will amplify UWC’s own concerns about the climate crisis. Solve Climate by 2030 (initiated by Bard College in New York) invites academics, staff and students to participate today, April 7. South Africa’s youth-centric webinar will provide information and a strategy session, to follow up with more research, policy advocacy and activism, so that future generations do not suffer worsening climate catastrophies.

Please remember to register for the event The URL to sign up for today's webinar: or
Registration is required. Please tag as many partners as possible to increase attendance. Use the following hashtags: #MakeClimateaClass #PowerDialog #SolveClimateBy2030.

Brief introduction to the Solve Climate by 2030 campaign: The South African context
Professor Mary Galvin, University of Johannesburg, SolveClimate by 2030 video
10 minute presentation (5 minutes by Mary and 5 minutes for video)

The importance of including climate change in education and syllabus - touching on different approaches that will be discussed by guest speakers
Dr Bright Nkrumah, University of the Witwatersrand 
10 minutes

The importance of youth and policy engagement.
Khulekani Sizwe Magwaza (Former Secretary General of the South African Youth Climate Change Coalition (SAYCCC)
30 minutes presentation followed by 10 minute Q&A

Climate justice and the African Feminist
Trusha Reddy, WoMin African Women Activists
30 minutes presentation followed by 10 minute Q&A

The interplay of climate justice and economic justice.
Dominic Brown, Alternative Information and Development Centre
30 minutes presentation followed by 10 minute Q&A