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16 October 2013
Seminar by Prof Jarita C Holbrook

“’Gentrification, Social Exclusion and Science Students in South Africa”

Seminar by Prof Jarita C Holbrook

Discussant: Dr Yvette Abrahams

Hosted by the Department of Women’s and Gender Studies

Date: Wednesday 16 October

Venue: School of Public Health, Seminar Room 1G

Time 12.30-2.00

Feminists have explored the entrenched gendered dynamics that marginalize and exclude women as scientists. This talk raises broad critical debate about the intersecting discourse, relationships and practices that continue to marginalize certain knowledges and social subjects within “science” - on the basis of race, class and gender. 

About Jarita Holbrook

Jarita Holbrook, an award-winning documentary filmmaker, 

 is an Extraordinary Associate Professor of Physics at UWC and has been a researcher in Women’s and Gender Studies at UCLA. Formally trained as an astrophysicists, her research consistently engages the social sciences, and focuses on indigenous astronomy, astronomy culture, and under-representation in astrophysics.