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31 October 2014
Seminar Child marriages in India

“Child Marriages in India: Issues and Interventions for Change”

Presenter:  Dr Nishi Mitra

Brief Biography:

Dr. Nishi Mitra is a Social Cultural Anthropologist, presently an Associate Professor in the Advanced Centre for Women's Studies, at the School of Development Studies, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, India.  Her areas of research are feminist theorizing in India, feminist research methodologies and practices, women in academia, sexual violence against women and feminist peace and justice studies, also democratic pedagogies and creativity in classroom teaching and learning.

She has led initiatives like the Best Practices among Responses to Violence against Women: a  study  involving an assessment of state and community based interventions on the issue of domestic violence in India; Gender Planning Training Project for sensitizing senior police officers in India to issues of violence against women and to develop appropriate skills in sensitive and effective handling of women victims of violence; Marital Violence: A Feminist Understanding of Violence in Intimate Relations (doctoral  research), exploring  the erotic aspects of violence and its normalization as part of living femininity and masculinity which paradoxically demonstrates the changing subjective positions of the victim and the victimizer ; and Sexual Violence and  Rape in Marriage : A study based on interviews and case studies of 100 women from counselling cells  with the objective of advocating for a social and legal response to the unrecognized problem of marital rape in India.

She has led international research partnerships with academics from Brazil and South Africa, USA and UK. A partnership she led with four UK Universities promoted and strengthened cross-cultural teaching, research and extension in the area of women's issues and gender studies in her Institute. The three country partnership between India, Brazil and South Africa is an attempt to theorize from lived experiences of women from the South in their roles as mothers and academics and power and powerlessness in homes and in Academia.

Date: Friday, 31 October 2014

Time: 12:50 to 14:00

Venue: SOG Building 1 H

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