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3 April 2015
Seminar ReEnvisioning Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Re-Envisioning the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning

Teaching and Learning is, naturally, at the very heart of the university experience - but the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning (SOTL) is a more recent phenomenon, a movement advocating and supporting research on teaching and learning across disciplines in higher education. SOTL is particularly important in a South African context. Socially, just pedagogies are also important in South Africa - bringing equal educational opportunities to all, across social and cultural groups.

Although there has been some engagement with these concepts, less attention has been paid to the intersection of SOTL, and socially, just pedagogies

In this presentation, Prof Brenda Leibowitz, Director of the University of Johannesburg’s SOTL@UJ programme, and Prof Vivienne Bozalek, Director of Teaching & Learning at UWC, look at SOTL as pertaining to social justice. The seminar answers questions such as:

  • What questions and solutions can SOTL and social justice pedagogies help deliver?

  • What are the implications of bringing the two concepts together?

  • What would a framework for a socially just pedagogy look like?

  • And what kind of SOTL is most appropriate for South Africa?

Come along and investigate the purpose of higher education, the process of teaching, the approach to knowledge and the kind of research that is carried out in the name of SOTL.

Seminar: Re-Envisioning the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning

Date: 4 March 2015

Time: 13:00 to 14:00

Venue: Room 1H, School of Public Health, UWC Main Campus

For more information, please contact Andrea Jansen ( or Prof Vivienne Bozalek (