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4 September 2013
SOG Seminar Series

School of GovernmentSeminar Series


“Targeting Poor People or Poor Countries: Perspectives for Development Assistance to South-Africa and other Middle-Income Countries"

Presenter : Prof. Robrecht Renard,

Institute for Development Policy and Management (IOB),

University of Antwerp, Belgium.

Recent announcements by international donors, including DFID, USAID, the EU and others, that they intend to end all aid assistance to middle-income countries (MICs) have caused con-siderable concern in those states, such as South Africa, Ghana and India, which will be affect-ed by this new policy. Amongst the concerns raised is the fact that many, if not most, MICs have achieved their status as a consequence of the growth of rich elites rather than as a conse-quence of a general increase in national welfare. Furthermore, while the aid which is being withdrawn will have relatively little effect on the operations of middle-income governments it will profoundly affect the poor as well as the work of civil society organisations which are reli-ant on, and derive their independence from, non-state funding. Professor Renard’s presenta-tion examines the case for and against donor support to MICs and argues for a more nuanced approach which takes into account the particularities of different countries and which supports processes which could lead to more equitable growth.

Professor Renard, has extensive experience in the field of development co-operation and has conducted research and training in Africa, Latin America and South East Asia in addition to serving on numerous evaluation and advisory missions for the World Bank, EU, the Belgian government and others. An economist, he has published five books and numerous articles and reports on different aspects of the development problematic.

Date: 4 September 2013

Time: 13h00

Venue: Room 1E&G, School of Government

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