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30 September 2021
Tutor Recruitment Information Session
English for Educational Development (EED) would like to extend an invitation to all postgraduate students who are interested in tutoring next year to join us for our information session.

The EED modules (respectively for CHS, Law and Science Faculties) teach students academic literacy skills like doing research, referencing, writing, reading, and critical thinking, and the module content covers an array of discipline-related topics.

As a tutor, you will assist first year students in learning how to reference, and develop their academic writing and critical thinking skills. You will be required to give your students feedback on their assessments which include tests, tutorial activities and argumentative essays.

Good organisational and time management skills are key because you will be required to keep a record of marks, attend to student queries and at times work within tight deadlines. Currently, teaching and learning at the University is still online-only but next year we may be fully on-campus or follow a blended learning approach. To account for these possibilities access to the internet and a computer are essential.

If you think that you will make a good EED tutor you can attend our information session on Monday, 18 October 2021.
12.00-12.30 The duties of an EED tutor
12.30-12.45 Basic principles of good tutoring
12.45-12.50 Comfort break
12.50-13.20 How work study operates