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21 September 2021
UWC Mental Health Awareness Week
UWC Mental Health Awareness Week will take place between 4-8 October 2021.

Do you also feel like screaming and running for the hills when you hear one more person say: “It is the new normal"? There is nothing normal about the reality we are all finding ourselves in at the moment, is there? There are no scripts, no shortcuts, and no “10 steps to a happier you” that really makes a difference right now.

How do we make sense of our current world and all the challenges it brings? How do we take care of our mental health when it feels as if there is no end to the challenges and the amount of work we have to do? How do we find creative ways to connect with each other in a meaningful way – to create and strengthen our sense of community as UWC students and staff members?

October is mental health month, and 10 October is international mental health day. Join us every lunchtime from 4-8 October as we spend time together and focus on our mental health – get out of your daily grind and join the UWC community as we share our care for each other.

This initiative is brought to you by UWC's Student Development & Support (SDS), Centre For Student Support Services (CSSS) and Human Resources (HR).

Events link to follow.