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3 May 2022
Webinar: International Day for Families
The CISCFS will be commemorating International Day of Families by hosting a webinar titled 'Celebrating International Day for Families: Support to Families - are we measuring the outcomes?'

Event details

Date: Thursday, 12 May 2022
Time: 11h00 -13h00
Platform: Zoom



  • Dr Edna Rich
  • Ms Tania Sani
  • Ms Naku Masuku
  • Dr Zenobia Carolus
  • Dr Serena Isaacs
  • Ms Imelda Diouf


Family Day is an occasion for us to celebrate connections among all members of the constellation that make up our family. It is also an opportunity to reflect on how they are affected by social and economic trends, and what we can do to strengthen our families in response.

A family is the basic and most important institution of society. A nation is built on the family system. It is the place where we receive our first education and where values and other traits are learned. It is, therefore, our responsibility to develop the right attitudes towards our families, because a family in harmony will prosper in everything.