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18 June 2021
Webinar invitation: Reciprocal Benefits of Stakeholder Engagement in Research (Session 2)
The DVC: Research & Innovation, Professor José Frantz, will host the second of two webinars titled Reciprocal Benefits of Stakeholder Engagement in Research on Friday, 25 June.

In our Session 1 webinar, we had researchers sharing their experiences of using different research methodologies and their subjective experience of the response of the participants. Lindokuhle Mandyoli reminded us that ‘researchers bring their own experience to the research but archives can influence and impact the researcher as well.’ 

Participants in research projects are key stakeholders and as researchers we also learn from engaging with them. Many times when reporting on the research we only report on the findings but not on the more subtle issues of how being part of a research project can impact the participants.

Tune in to hear our Session 2 speakers while they share their experience of using different research methodologies and their subjective experience of the response of the participants.

Topic: Reciprocal benefits of stakeholder engagement in Research (Session 2) 
Host: Deputy Vice Chancellor: Research & Innovation, Prof José Frantz
Date: Friday, 25 June 2021
Time: 12:30

The speakers are:
Kaylianne Aploon-Zokufa - Kaylianne Aploon-Zokufa is a lecturer in the Institute for Post-School Studies (IPSS) at UWC. She is a Phd candidate and her research topic is: “An investigation into how mature women ECD practitioners access higher education through the B.Ed Foundation Phase programme.” This project aims to trace the learning pathways of women who access higher education at a later stage in their lives. It provides much needed knowledge and understanding of the educational opportunities for adult, women students in South Africa. Kaylianne will talk about how marginalised people in marginalised communities enact power, agency and voice during the research process.

Ronél Koch - a trained counsellor. She has been employed as a lecturer in the Department of Educational Psychology at the University of the Western Cape since 2014. Her research foci include: adolescent female sexuality, sexuality education, female sexual decision making, Life Orientation. She is currently in the process of pursuing doctoral studies. Ronél will be talking about the value of the inclusion of the voices of children as participants who have been traditionally excluded, and the benefit that the research process itself holds for children.

Nina Barnes - currently completing her PhD studies at the University of the Western Cape (UWC). She is a registered Industrial Psychologist (HPCSA) with a focus and passion for individual capacity development to support systemic transformation and inclusion. Nina will be touching on ‘Exploring the career management challenges of academics to support career progression.’

Ghaleelullah Achmat - a biokineticist and practice manager coordinating the biokinetics internship programme at the University of the Western Cape (UWC) biokinetics practice in the Sport, Recreation & Exercise Science (SRES) department. Ghaleel has a huge interest in high performance sport, final phase sport rehabilitation, sport technology, community sport development and inter professional education. He is a researcher in the field of exercise science and sports medicine. Currently a PhD candidate. Ghaleel will be exploring stakeholder engagement in developing physical activity guidelines for firefighters experiencing cardiovascular disease and multiple health risk behaviours in the City of Cape Town.