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30 September 2021
Webinar: "Selecting the right journal for your research and avoiding predatory titles"
A research webinar title "Selecting the right journal for your research and avoiding predatory titles" will be presented by Mark Snyders and Shaun Pather.
Date: Tuesday, 26 October 2021
Time: 10h30 to 12h00
Via Zoom:
Meeting ID: 933 1694 2948
Passcode: 368161

Workshop Overview

With thousands of journal titles available it is quite daunting to select an appropriate journal to publish your research in. Both novice researchers and even experienced ones often cite this as a difficult process, especially when there is no guarantee that your manuscript will get through the starting blocks towards an eventual publication.

Academics often tend to use narrow criteria to select the journal opting to focus only on those journals with a high impact factor. This can be stressful. However matching your research to the scope and focus of a journal to ensure publication is more important. At the same time we must also consider the ‘reputation’ of a journal given the increasing predatory nature of certain publishing houses.

In this seminar we will:
  • Examine the DHET guidelines for awarding subsidy to universities and explore the notion of “DHET accredited” journals
  • Reflect on a journal editor’s experience on why articles get rejected
  • Familiarise participants with UWC library tools to help you narrow the search for a journal or publisher and improve your chances of getting published
  • Discuss the characteristics of predatory journals (and conferences), and how to avoid them
Participants are advised to come to the workshop with a planned article in mind; or at the very least a set of keywords for the article.

Prof. Michelle Esau
Dean of the Faculty of Economic & Management Sciences