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16 October 2015
Whose food system is it anyway?

Whose food system is it anyway? A dialogue on World Food Day

With the world observing World Food Day on 16 October 2015, a diverse group of experts including food system analysts, community health workers; nutritionists, geneticists and proponents of smallholder farming, will converge at the University of the Western Cape to highlight key issues,challenges and questions relating to food and nutritional security in South Africa.

This interactive dialogue is aimed at engaging with a diverse community to consider what food system changes are needed in order to ensure food security for all, and how these can be brought about.

Panelists will also consider the dominance of large corporations in the food system, discussing issues such as what gets onto our plates and who gets fed; who is making money in the food system, and what is happening to sustainable livelihoods in growing, selling and preparing food.

Join us for a learning journey into the heart of the food system, exploring the key issues South Africa faces as a rapidly urbanising society.

This event is jointly hosted by the DST-NRF Centre of Excellence in Food Security, the Institute for Poverty, Land and Agrarian Studies and the African Food Security Network.

Whose food system is it anyway?

Date: Friday 16 October 2015

Time: 09h30 – 13h30

Venue: Library Auditorium, University of the Western Cape

Seats are limited. Send RSVPs to before 16h00 on 13 October 2015.