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7 May 2013
Women's and Gender Studies Masculinity and Visuality Seminar

Masculinity and visuality: being a blind man in a sighted world

Presenter: Kharnita Mohamed, Womens and Gender Studies, UWC

Respondent: Reinette Popplestone, University of Cape Town

On Monday 13 May, Kharnita Mohamed will be delivering a seminar explaining that the absence of sight does not necessarily mean one is outside of a visual episteme. Derived from an ethnographic study conducted among visually impaired male students at a major metropolitan university in South Africa, her research shows how these students utilise ocularcentric discourse in their interactions with the sighted. During the study it emerged that visual criteria and experiences were fundamental in crafting masculinity and the visual has primacy in shaping interactions, even among the visually impaired. This disconnection between sensory experience and its discursive use can tell us much about the ontological power of the visual episteme in creating meaning and generating social relations. Further, this study elucidates the pressures of visual signifiers and practices in the formation of masculinity.

Date: Monday 13 May 2013

Time: 13:00 to 14:00

Venue: Womens & Gender Studies Seminar Room (Old Science, History Building, Room 1.703)

Click to view theĀ Masculinity and visuality Paper 23 May 2013