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2015 academic year for 1st and 2nd year students has come to an end

Dear Campus Community

The 2015 academic year for first and second year students has come to an end. As communicated previously we are closing all residences today in order to clean, repair and ensure that residences adhere to prescribed health and safety compliance requirements.

More than 2000 residence students have left the University up to today.  Less than 200 residence students are still on campus and we are currently in talks with the remaining group of students to assist them to vacate and depart for home safely.

As per our communication with residence students, we are assisting final year students with accommodation at off-campus locations. The same arrangement is in place for postgraduate students who are still completing their courses. Approximately 600 residence students are being assisted through these arrangements and transport will be provided for these students between their alternative accommodation and the exam venue. For now the University’s helpline for residence students remains in place to continue to assist students. 

For the past three days we have also been assisting residence students in need of transport to the airport, bus and train stations.

We hope to be fully operational again by Monday, 23 November 2015. Small numbers of staff have been accessing the campus to attend to urgent matters, but for tomorrow we still request that staff only come to campus if absolutely necessary.

Yours sincerely

Prof Tyrone Pretorius

Rector and Vice-Chancellor