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UWC Academic Administration training Awards

Academic administration training at UWC was, prior to 2013, provided on an ad hoc basis. In 2013 dedicated resources were allocated to this function, which was identified as a key objective linked to the UWC Institutional Operating Plan. In this year the academic administration training strategy was also developed by the Office of the Deputy Registrar, with assistance from the Human Resources Department.

The strategy led to the development of 14 academic administration modules (courses) spanning the entire administrative life cycle at UWC. The modules were designed to provide the participant with the required theoretical knowledge as well as practical experience.

This provides the participant with the necessary knowledge, skills, and to a large extent the required attitude to perform their required function successfully. Incidentally, these qualities, namely Attitude, Skills and Knowledge, created the acronym “ASK” which we have adopted as the key attributes an academic administrator must possess.

The year 2014 marked the official rollout of academic administration training at UWC. To our knowledge, UWC is the only higher education institution in South Africa that has its own in-house developed training programme that specifically focuses on academic administration. This in itself is historic, and an achievement for our institution.

It is for this reason that the academic administration certificate ceremony was organised to celebrate this achievement and to furthermore celebrate our 78 remarkable colleagues (both administrative and academic) who successfully completed one or more of the academic administration modules. A total of 170 certificates were awarded on the day.

The ceremony was intentionally scheduled on the 1st of September to commemorate the late Dr Miller’s birthday, who envisioned an engaged and knowledgeable academic administrator. This ceremony is set to become an annual event on the UWC events calendar.