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Annual Deans Awards


The University of the Western Cape’s (UWC) Community and Health Sciences Faculty held their annual Dean’s Merit Award ceremony on 21 June at Skilpadvlei Wine Estate.

A total of forty two students were honoured in the presence of family, friends and faculty staff at the ceremony hosted by the Acting Dean of the Faculty, ProfJosèFrantz. The chief requisite to be listed as a merit student is that, students need to score an aggregate of 80% and above at undergraduate level, 75% and above at Honour’s level, and 70% and above at Master’s level.

A keynote address was made by Prof Lulla Tshiwula, Vice-Rector of Student Development at the University, who congratulated students on their achievements but also reminded them not to become complacent but to keep their ‘eye on the ball’.

Prof Tshiwula emphasised that through excelling, students will promote further confidence in UWC. This confidence she stated, made it possible to have a Public Health building, a state of the art Life Sciences and Metrology Building, and added these millions would not have been invested had funders not had confidence in the institution. In addition, Prof Frantz highlighted that “success is like a marathon you need to plan for the race, move at your own pace and determine your own victory”.

The Community and Health Sciences Faculty is committed to delivering students who are dedicated to delivering equitable Health and Welfare Services in South Africa.