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30 November 2020
Appointment of New H.O.D
Dr. Nancy Stiegler (PhD) is the new Head of the Statistics and Population Studies Department. She teaches demographic courses to postgraduate and undergraduate students, and happily supervises Masters and PhD students mainly in the fields of reproductive health, females rights and census issues; her areas of privileged research.

She has considerable field experience at International and National levels, and extensive experience with monitoring and evaluation of international programmes (South-African and French Governments; UNFPA, UN-IOIS, UNRWA, DFID). In 2009/2010 she was the Census Technical Specialist at the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) Head Quarters in New-York. She developed sound knowledge of census matters and data collection issues as UNFPA consultant for the Ghana Census 2010, the Sudan Census 2008, the Nigeria Census in 2006 and the 1999 Kosovo demographic and socio economic survey. She also worked for the European Commission and the Council of Europe as an international expert in charge of the Macedonian census in 2002. In 2001, she was hosted as a guest researcher in gender issues and reproductive health at the Max Plank Institute for Demography in Rostock, Germany. In South Africa she was responsible for several gender, reproductive health, demographic and socio-economic surveys. She has held several positions in France including one with the French Ministry for Women on females rights and access to abortion and with the French National Institute of Statistics in the Reunion Island on a family survey.

After a Masters degree in economics and law from the University of Bordeaux-Montesquieu, she specialized in Demography at the Institute of Demographic Studies of the University of Bordeaux, France, to finally obtain her PhD at UWC.