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6 May 2021
Avoid creating potential Super Spreader events for COVID-19, Prof. Fielding
Concerns around COVID-19 vaccination process, the deadly upsurge in India, and a possible third outbreak of coronavirus on our shores have sent panic waves across the country.

But leading UWC coronavirologist Professor Burtram Fielding has allayed the fears, saying all is in our hands.

In various radio interviews, the Director of Research Development at UWC, said what is happening in India is similar to what happened in Brazil a couple of months ago, and that spikes followed closely after huge gatherings and people changing their behaviours.

“No social distancing, no mask-wearing and people are not sanitising. We see this trend repeating itself over and over around the world,” he said.

According to Prof. Fielding, these problems could be due to pandemic fatigue, people not understanding what is happening or simply complacency. He said even though there is a vaccination programme, people should still take the utmost care. 

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