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1 February 2019
Books And Reading Love-In 2019: Loving Literature With UWC Library

(Published - 1 February 2019)

Libraries are traditionally palaces of books, and the University of the Western Cape (UWC) Library is no exception, with hundreds of thousands of print and ebooks. But there’s always room for more - and books need to be read and enjoyed by people.

That’s why UWC Library is hosting its Books And Reading Love-In 2019, giving students and staff the chance to share their love of literature with the world.

“The purpose of the Books and Reading Love-in is to celebrate YOUR best-loved books,” says Allison Fullard, Deputy-Director: Library Services at UWC Library.

“In this case, we're talking about literary fiction - the novels that you devoured, savoured, and didn't want to end. These are the books that captivated you through elements such as plot, character, theme or ideas - or just a wonderful way with words.”

UWC Library is looking for ideas for fiction/non-fiction titles that should be added to the Library’s new Recreational Reading Collection - and they need your help.

Please participate in this festival of reading by sharing a title that falls into either of the following categories:

  • Your Personal Best-Loved Book: You treasure this book for how it influenced you, or moved you.

  • Your Favourite Recent Read: What book has recently delighted you?

Tell us how your favourite book of all time spoke to you at a particular time, and/or how you were awakened to new insights about life and our society/culture. Have you ever tried to model yourself on a character you admire? Or maybe you've recently come across an exciting new book and think others should know about it too.

Click here to participate and share your passion for the book/s you love - and do it fast. The closing date is 15 February 2019.

Sharing Is Caring: So Many Books, So Little Time

UWC Library will use your response as part of a display in the Library Atrium, highlighting UWC's love of literature. There will be new comfortable spaces in the library, just inviting you to settle down to dip into and "test-drive" a couple of them.

The overall intention is to promote reading as a very pleasurable and important past-time.


“So many books, so little time. We hope to throw up a pot-pourri of wonderful books that can serve as reading suggestions for others. Reading is not only something you need to do to make a success of your studies - and your career, at that,” says Fullard. “It’s also a lot of fun - and we want everyone to know that.”

If you love reading, why not support UWC’s TUFCATS initiative, and visit their bookstore for interesting secondhand (and affordable) reads? And if you’d like to try your hand at writing as well, why not submit some creative works to the student-run WritingThreeSixty journal?