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Boxer Sinethemba Blom makes UWC and Province proud

Boxer Sinethemba Blom makes UWC and Province proud

Sinethemba Blom made his university proud when he beat his opponent to become the national champion at the National Boxing Championships in East London in July 2014.

Blom, who fights in the Welterweight division at 62kg, said he has been boxing since he was six years old, and has always dreamt of becoming a champion. “This was my dream, and I knew that with hard work and dedication it would become possible,” the soft-spoken champion said.

Blom described the National Championships this year as exciting. “I was excited to compete this year, as I was disqualified last year - so this year I had something to prove,” Blom said.

“This year was different though - I knew what I had to do, and my training and preparation made it possible for me to become number one in the country.”

Blom, who hails from Du Noon, said he would like to thank his coach, Andile Tshongolo, for playing a significant part in his success. “A good coach is very important in your boxing career, but you also need to be willing to put in the hard work,” he said.

UWC Head of Boxing, Glen Bentley, said what makes Blom one of a kind is that not only is he a good boxer, but he also does well with his studies. “Doing well academically is very important, and Blom understands this.”

Bentley believes Blom is a true role model in his community, and he is confident that Blom will serve his community as a psychologist in the future.

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