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Campus Recreation Day

Fun and joy at Campus Recreation Activity event

They say ‘save the best for last’, and the last Campus Recreational Activity event at UWC in August had all the elements to be rated among the best events of its kind for the year.

The event was well-organised and well-supported as students turned up in big numbers to take part. Sponsors came on board and there were a couple of new games introduced to introduce more fun and entertainment.

Hosted by the Sports Administration Department, Campus Recreational Activity is part of the University’s extra-curriculum programme and aims to bring together students and staff in a holistic, stress-free environment to promote healthy lifestyles through sport and recreation. The main aim is fun and enjoyment, and as such, participants just arrive  in their gear to take part in as many activities as possible.

Senior sports administrator, Derick Orderson, said the event “was a resounding success” with over 500 people – the highest number to date – taking part in the afternoon-long programme. Various activities were on offer, including zumba dancing, quidditch, tag rugby and archery, which were introduced to the University community for the first time. Others were basketball (3-on-3), futsal, supa pool, chess, hockey, netball and cricket.

The event started off with Zumba dancing, which is similar to aerobics, but with a more upbeat and rhythmic orientation. Other activities followed as students tried to engage in as many of them as possible.  

“This was more of a carnival type of atmosphere, as the activities were adapted to make them more fun,” Orderson commented.

Red Bull and Distillers provided some free products, which made the gathering more enjoyable, Orderson added.  Medals, trophies and T-shirts were also up for grabs.

This was the last of 3 events. Campus Recreational Activity will resume in February 2015.