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CCMA, Bargaining Council and Public Universities’ Statement

The CCMA and Bargaining Councils have embarked on an initiative to partner with public universities to develop and deliver a qualification in Labour Dispute Resolution Practice, which in time will replace the current CCMA Candidate Commissioner training.

The vision is to present an occupationally-directed programme that is holistic in nature aimed at producing both skilled and well-rounded practitioners. A good understanding of labour market structures and dynamics will also be expected.

In addition to in-depth technical skills training on arbitration and conciliation, the holistic approach will include having strong soft-skills, social justice, ethics and diversity components.

Good progress has been made, with the core aspects of the framework and content for this qualification settled last week.

The first delivery of the programme by a number of universities will be early 2014. Discussions are at an advanced stage with the following selected universities to settle and sign a Memorandum of Agreement namely; the University of the Western Cape, the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, the University of the Witwatersrand, the University of the Free State, UNISA and Stellenbosch University.

 The programme is targeted at two key constituencies:

 Aspirant CCMA commissioners and Bargaining Council panelists.

  Trade union, HR/IR and legal practitioners.

The programme will include all core aspects of the current CCMA training and will have a number of further aspects. 

This initiative comes at an opportune time, in light of the current labor market dynamics and the unfolding scenario post- Marikana.

It stands to significantly contribute towards building skills and capacity in the Labour Relations Practice Industry, with all role players in the Industry standing to benefit greatly.   

Further information and details will be provided shortly.