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22 November 2022
CHS administrators analyse impact of Covid-19 at breakaway session
From 3-4 November 2022 administrators representing various departments, schools, units and centres within the Faculty of Community and Health Sciences (CHS) gathered at Blaauwberg Beach Hotel for a breakaway session to look retrospectively at their experiences both negative and positive of working during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Furthermore, it also touched based on how they anticipate the future of working given the changing work environment since the Covid-19 outbreak. The sessions were informative and insightful delivered in the form of workshops and very interactive for all those involved.

It was a general feeling amongst the majority of the delegates that working under strict COVID-19 restrictions was challenging and at the same time working in their favour in terms of balancing their personal and professional lives. To some extent, it increased the cost of living, and in some instances, they saved a lot of money as there was less travelling and spending money or going out.  It was a shared common feeling and the painful experience of losing colleagues, family and friends to COVID-19.

The majority of the discussions were in support of the flexible working environment and scenarios, that take cognizance of a hybrid approach to conducting administrative duties thus combining virtual and physical administrative operations. The final day, focused mainly on developing e-portfolios that administrators can be used to showcase their administration CV, experiences, work and portfolio in relation to their duties. The session was facilitated by Ms Norina Braaf from UWC’s Centre for Innovation Education and Communications Technologies (CIECT) and administrators were taken through the steps of developing their own e-portfolios. It was a memorable and remarkable session and marked the first-time administrators gathered in the majority since the Covid-19 outbreak and slowly relaxed conditions of going back to work remotely and in a hybrid approach.