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22 March 2022
Consul General of India Visit UWC to Explore Collaborations
The Consul General of India in Cape Town, Mr PK Ashok Babu, visited the University of the Western Cape (UWC) this week to explore expanding existing relationships between the Consulate and the university. 

Bringing with him a collection of books to donate to the UWC Library, it was Mr Babu’s first visit on campus since he took over as the Consul General of India in Cape Town in August 2020. He met with the Rector and Vice-Chancellor, Professor Tyrone Pretorius, as well as the Director of the Department of Institutional Advancement, Professor Anesh Maniraj Singh.

“Firstly, we (South Africa and India) are part of BRICS and it’s important that the BRICS universities work together,” said Prof Pretorius of Mr Babu’s visit on 16 March.

“We (UWC) have always had strong relationships with both the High Commissioner in Pretoria and the Consul General’s office in Cape Town. At this stage, we are just exploring how to build on our relationship with the previous consul general.”

Prof Pretorius said he is grateful for the donation and explained that the collection of books would be taken to the library, classified and put in the university system for use by students. “It’s through donations like these that we learn more about different cultures. And it is always important to encourage diversity of experience, diversity of thinking among students, and nothing can replace the value of books.”

Mr Babu (pictured) said he is thankful for the opportunity to visit UWC and said the books were mainly about Indian culture, history and politics. He explained that they could help the university community to improve their understanding of India and create more awareness about the Indian office.

"We want to institutionally engage with the university and make more professional links between UWC staff and students and their Indian counterparts. I will be here for the next three years and I want to build on the relationship with UWC.”

Mr Babu was also taken on a campus tour to learn more about the university’s history, its development and achievements.