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4 February 2015
Daughters of the First Book Launch

UWC Convocation executive Brian Williams’ news book, Daughters of the First, was launched at UWC’s Library Auditorium last week.

The University of the Western Cape’s Convocation executive Brian Williams launched his new book, Daughters of the First, in the Library Auditorium of UWC on Wednesday, 4 February 2015.

Daughters of the First is Williams’ fifth published poetry collection. His debut collection, The Wounded Spear Arises, was praised internationally when it was published in 1989.

The highlight of the evening for many in attendance at the launch - UWC staff, students, members of convocation and many others - was award-winning actor Forest Whitaker’s reading of a poem from Williams’ book.

Whitaker works with Williams as a mediator in countries like Sudan and Uganda - the two met and joined forces in 2012, while Williams was negotiating the Hangberg peace agreements.

Williams, who hails from Kensington but has worked in Sierra Leone, Burundi, the DRC and other conflict areas, runs a consultancy firm that focuses on community mediation.

Williams has five university degrees, including an MA in Public Administration from UWC. He is currently conducting post-doctoral research into community reconstruction. He started his working life as an electrician, and subsequently became involved in anti-apartheid union efforts, joining the Department of Labour in the Western Cape in 1995.

Williams left for Sudan on Friday, 6 February 2015, shortly after launching his book.

Daughters of the First is available for sale at R100. Non-governmental organisations that sell the book will be able to keep the proceeds for their own use. All proceeds of the book will go towards peace work in Africa.