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30 November 2020
Dr Hang Visits UWC
On Friday 22nd February 2013, the Statistics and Population Studies Department was very privileged to receive Dr Werner Haug from the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), for a presentation on the role of Demography in general and on the UNFPA activities in particular.

Dr Haug is the Director of the Eastern Europe and Central Asia office at the UNFPA, after having served as the Director Technical Division at the UNFPA head quarters in New York, and being the Director of the Statistical Office in Switzerland.

Dr Haug gave an overview of the demographic issues in the world, and of the activities of the United Nations to try mitigate these problems. His excellent presentation and approachable style gave the opportunity for the Post Graduate students, future demographers and statisticians, to ask questions and interact with Dr Haug, on several demographic and societal questions.