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Edu-Drama celebrates 10 years

Edu-Drama celebrates 10 years

The University of the Western Cape’s (UWC) Gender Equity Unit (GEU) hosted the 10th annual Edu-Drama anniversary event.

The well-attended event took place on 17 September 2016 at the Institution's main hall from 7pm till just after 9pm. Performances such as Reclaiming the P-word were performed by some of the original cast members and writers.

The aim of the event is to show the legacy and power of the sisterhood that the process has created. Amongst the performers was the director of the Gender Equity Unit, Dr Mary Hames, as well as Professor Desiree Lewis from the Department of Women and Gender Studies.

The production was initiated in 2005 when students and staff at UWC came together with women from the community and workshopped the theatre production. ‘Reclaiming the P-word’ was then used as a tool to protest against the endemic of violence against women in the country.

All of the stories are based on real-life experiences, which means that the process of creating a production like this is an act of protest, agency and of healing.

Additional performances were done by various productions such as Admission Reserved and #What'sLeftOut.