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Exams start Nov 9

Dear Campus Community

As we have done over the last number of days, I am writing to you to give an update on today’s developments on campus.

Today the situation was relatively quiet on campus, except for a small group of protesters. I wish to, once again, reiterate our commitment to respect the right for peaceful protest on campus. However, we continue to condemn any acts of violence, intimidation and vandalism.

Earlier today the University leadership met with the Student Representative Council (SRC) to work through their list of demands and to start to deliberate on the situation on campus and discuss the way forward.

We have agreed and found common ground with the SRC to attend to institution-specific issues that need to be addressed internally, while simultaneously allowing the resumption of the academic programme.  

In the meeting with the SRC we agreed to extend the commencement of examinations to 9 November 2015, to allow students additional time to prepare adequately. A revised examination schedule will be circulated tomorrow, Thursday 29 October 2015. A recommendation to extend the library hours is also being considered.

We understand that some staff and students may be inconvenienced by this new arrangement, but in view of the fact that this is a time where we are dealing with very complex issues, we call on staff and students to please be flexible as far as possible. We understand that with the postponement of exams there might be issues affecting individual students and they are invited to contact the Registrar at the following email address:, so that we may find ways to assist.

In addition, we are also engaging with our staff in various ways.  It is important that we work together to urgently create conditions on campus that are conducive for students to study, to access the library and computer laboratories and to engage with staff as part of their preparations for the final exams.

I also need to bring to your attention that there is a bogus message being circulated via social media, claiming that I will be addressing a mass meeting on Friday. Please note that this is not true.

We hope to be in a position tomorrow, to indicate when the campus will reopen.  

Yours sincerely
Prof Tyrone Pretorius
Rector and Vice-Chancellor