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31 January 2019
Excellence In Engagement Awards 2019: Call For Submissions

(Published - 31 January 2019)

“The University of the Western Cape is an engaged university, alive to the way teaching, learning, community engagement and research align to produce citizens of the world. And we want to recognise and reward individuals and teams who excel at integrating engagement into the teaching and learning, research and scholarship of UWC.”

So says Professor Vivienne Lawack, Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Academic of the University of the Western Cape (UWC) - and host of  the inaugural UWC Engagement Awards.

The prestigious awards will be made as part of UWC’s commitment to enhance the status of learning, teaching and community engagement, as well as the quality of the learning experience provided to its students - commitments that enable the actualisation of UWC’s Vision, Mission and Values as enshrined in the UWC IOP 2016-2020.

“Engagement is the process of transferring, applying and sharing the University’s knowledge and resources with those of the broader community (both internal and external) to enrich scholarship, research and creative activity; enhance learning and teaching; contribute to public good and transformation, and to enhance social, economic and ecological sustainability,” Prof Lawack says.

“It is important that academic and professional support staff members that excel in any of these functions are publicly recognised and suitably rewarded.”

Two institutional awards will be conferred: an Excellence Engagement Award and an Excellence Team Engagement Award.

The awards aim to reward those who:

  1. excel in integrating teaching and learning, research and scholarship, and engagement;
  2. demonstrate excellence in engagement at an institutional level;
  3. have made outstanding contributions towards advancing engagement as a core function of the institution; and,
  4. provide leadership and examples of best practice in the field of engagement.

This is a call for all academic and professional support staff to submit a Portfolio of Evidence, reporting on their engagement activities linked to at least two of the four listed categories.

These categories are often integrated and interconnected, as engagement activities are often linked, interdependent and synergistic, and may fall within more than one category.

  • Engagement through Profession/Discipline-Based Service provision.
  • Engagement through Teaching and Learning.
  • Engagement through Research and Scholarship.
  • Community Service and Outreach.

Portfolios of Evidence must be submitted to the Office of the DVC: Academic by no later than 18 February 2019. Electronic submissions are encouraged. All the awards will be conferred at the DVC: Academic Achievers’ Dinner on 3 April 2019.