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Femicide and gender based violence seminar for students

Dying for their secuality: Seminar on femicide and gender-based violence in the global south

Social journalist and community educator Vanessa Rivera De La Fuente explored the links between femicide, patriarchy and gender-based violence in a recent seminar hosted by UWC’s department of Women and Gender Studies.

On Monday, 8 May 2017, the University of the Western Cape (UWC)’s department of Women and Gender Studies hosted a seminar on femicide and gender-based violence in Latin America.

Chilean social journalist, community educator, and gender justice advocate Vanessa Rivera De La Fuente provided an overview on the genealogy of femicide in Latin America and its links with patriarchy and colonialism in the context of historical and accumulative inequality, and also focused on social issues like transfemicide (where intersex females are being killed because of their sexuality).

Describing femicide as the particularity of the murder of women for being women in the framework of power dynamics rooted in sexism, she mentioned that despite the efforts of defenders and advocates for women's rights, the statistics of femicide keep rising: for example, Argentina had 57 cases reported in the first 43 days of 2017.

A question and answer session allowed students and academics to discuss relevant issues, which would in turn help them with their own particular research efforts.

The seminar opened the eyes of the students to the struggles of females around the world - where some were being killed by their partners - and also represented a space for starting a debate and reflection on the complexities in addressing gender-based violence from the global south.