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Final Year's Exam Logistics


We understand that many students, especially those living on campus have not been able to sufficiently prepare for the first few examinations due to the recent traumatic incidents on campus. The options below have been considered with this in mind.

Please find attached the updated time-table for all final year and post-graduate modules, and below details of the examinations to be held from 16 November 2015 until 19 December 2015. Kindly check the time table carefully to see what form your assessment will take. Students registered in the faculties of CHS and Dentistry must liaise directly with their faculties as your assessments are being managed internally at faculty level, and will NOT be written at the venue indicated on the time table. 

Students who do not wish to write their examinations during the first opportunity (16 Nov – 05 Dec) may do so during the second period which runs from 07 December until 19 December 2015. Please note that this second period would ordinarily be the supplementary examination session for the examinations written from 16 Nov - 5 Dec. Therefore those students who choose to write their first attempt during this period must accept that their supplementary examinations will be written in January 2016.

Final year students who are carrying non-exit modules will be allowed to carry their CAM results for these modules, however, the final year modules will have to be taken as per the instructions above. Contact your faculty help-desks with any queries in this regard.

The scenarios in this infographic illustrate the various options (click to expand):

The written examinations will be held at the Bellville Velodrome. Those students who are able to go directly to the venue from home may do so. Sufficient secure free parking is available at the venue. Students living at the residences, those who travel by train, and any other student who is unable to get to the Velodrome on their own should meet at the School of Government Drop-off/Pick-up point at 07.00 where buses will be available to transport students. Buses will depart from the Velodrome at 13.00 to drop students off at their original points of departure.

All examinations will begin at 09.00, and there will be only one session per day.

Only students who are eligible to write the examination scheduled for the day will be allowed onto the buses and into the venue. Students must carry their student access cards or some form of identification to be permitted onto the buses. 

Additional security will be available on buses and at the venue. 

15 November 2015