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Five protesting students were arrested

Five protesting students were arrested by the South African Police Services this morning at the University of the Western Cape. An attempt was made to set fire to a section of the Ruth First Residence at UWC’s Bellville campus.

UWC’s fire and medical officer responded to the fire-alarms set off by the protesting students at the University residences and upon his arrival at the residences he was attacked and badly assaulted by the protesting group. The fire and medical officer has been rushed to hospital for medical attention. The five students were arrested in connection with this assault.

The protesting students have also been throwing stones at security personnel and damaging University property, in addition to setting fires around the student residences. The protesting students are bearing sjamboks, bricks, knob-kieries and some were wearing balaclavas. One female safety officer was assaulted and threatened at knife-point.

Exams started on Monday 9 November 2015, the campus has been peaceful until this morning. Today’s exams started at 08H30, no exam has been disrupted thus far.