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Friday Five Facts: About UWC Library

Friday Fast Fasts: UWC Library - More than just books

Libraries are more than just places where books hang out...and UWC Library is a great example of that. Well, yes, there are books, of course - over 400,000 of them at last count, actually. And the Library does have a subscription to over 1,200 electronic and printed journals, and over 100 electronic databases containing hundreds of thousands of articles in a variety of academic disciplines...

Oh, yes, more than just books. Well, here are a few things you may not know about the Library if you haven’t spent much time there (and if not, why not?):

1. Basic Training: New to the whole research thing? Don’t worry - not only will the reference Librarians lend a hand, but they’re also willing to give you SmartSearch Training and assistance with Research Clinics. There’s also a Self Learning Zone that offers students a variety of online, multimedia presentations as mini tutorials about becoming a powerful information user. And iPad training

2. Knowledge Commons: Need to get some serious work done? Knowledge Commons has the answer: 111 computers linked to 4 printers, with full access to MS Office, the Internet, and to the databases and other resources the Library has within its collection, and the option to reserve a Discussion Room. All the better to provide a seamless work environment to access, manage, synthesize and produce information to enhance your productivity. NOTE: Not for sleeping. Leave that pillow at home.

3. Past Exams: Okay, so you’ve done your research, you’ve read the notes, you paid attention in class (you did, right?) and now you just want to test what you know. If only there was some way you could check out past exam this, we mean.

4. Binding Services: So you’ve slaved away for more years than you care to count, and now you’re finally looking to hand in that thesis. But your cherished document needs to last forever, and be enjoyed for the work of art it is...and the Library’s book binding service has you covered. Ring bindings, glue bindings, and for the truly great works, double-fan adhesive, trimmed, hardbound cover in vinyl bookcloth, plus gold lettering on the spine and front cover - all for competitive rates. And the electronic copy is available online in the Electronic Theses and Dissertations archive.

5. Open Access: Knowledge is power...but sharing is caring. That’s why UWC signed the Berlin Open Access Declaration, aiming to make research freely available to all. And that’s why the Library maintains its Research Repository, where you can expose your studies to the world...or just browse some of the interesting research done by your fellow staff and students. And if you want to know more about Open Access news, just check out the Library Blog.

So, if you’re looking for a quiet place to do some studying, or to go on an intensive infohunt...why not stop by? Don’t know how to find it? Are you on UWC Main Campus? Just ask around - it’s right opposite the Student Centre.

And why not become a Friend of the Library? You know you want to.