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13 March 2015
Fun and games at sports campus recreation programme

UWC’s Sport Administration Department, in partnership with UWC Residential Services and Kovacs student village, recently hosted yet another successful Sports Campus Recreation Programme – the first for the year.

The programme, which promotes healthy lifestyles through sport and recreation, aims to get residence and opi-dan students to participate in the University's co-curricular programme. Staff and non-residential students are also welcome to participate.

During the event on 6 March 2015, students had the opportunity to partake in various sporting codes such as basketball, hockey, goal ball, aerobics, indigenous games, netball, cricket, futsal, supa-pool, table tennis, chess, hiking and beach volleyball.

Exciting new sporting codes were also on offer such as quidditch, which is based on the Harry Potter series in which participants are divided into two teams and have to try and out-play each other using straw brooms to throw the ball through a hoop and score. Another new sports code that was introduced is walk-a-polo, which is an entry-level activity to water polo, and forms part of the UWC Aquatics Safety programme – participants compete and try to score a goal by walking and passing the ball. With this sports code, students are able to get a feel for the water and learning to swim becomes easier.

Tag rugby (used in development and training) is also a newly added sports code, and its mode of play is based largely on touch rugby – attacking players attempt to dodge, evade and pass a rugby ball while defenders attempt to prevent them scoring by "tagging" them – pulling a Velcro-attached tag from the ball carrier, rather than conducting a full contact tackle.

Other Sports Campus Recreation Programmes are planned for 10 April 2015, 24 July 2015, 4 August 2015 and 28 August 2015. All sporting activities are accessible to both male and female participants, and provisions are made for disabled students (in certain activities).

Staff and students can also participate in the league programme which is a different event within the Sports Campus Recreation programme. The league programme starts at the beginning of the second term, from 14 April 2015, so be sure to lookout for an entry form on the UWC website soon.