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Be wise and get circumcised: Free and Safe Medical Male Circumcision at UWC Campus Health & Wellness Centre

Medical male circumcision is a relatively simple, quick and safe procedure (when performed by a trained practitioner with proper instrumentation) that has the potential to save lives – and it’s available for free to all male staff and students at UWC.

June is a good time to create awareness on men's health – not least because it’s Men’s Health Month – so it’s a good time to remember that the UWC Campus Health & Wellness Centre is offering free and safe medical male circumcision (MMC) services to all male staff and students.

Medical male circumcision can cost anywhere between R1000 and R4000 in the private sector. State-of-the-art medical male circumcision is being facilitated free of charge through CareWorks and their specialised circumcision partners as a key HIV prevention strategy by the Western Cape Government.

Dr Manoj Bagwandeen, Director and Principal Clinician at the Campus Health and Wellness Centre, says: “This initiative is aimed at increasing overall health and also creating awareness about HIV/Aids and other sexually transmitted diseases or infections (STD/STI): during the MMC service, patients can have a free HIV test, TB test and test for the most common STIs.”

“The MMC service at Campus Health is convenient, safe and professional. The doctors and nurses are committed to providing students with quality healthcare that is affordable and accessible,” adds Dr Bagwandeen. “We aim to address and create awareness around existing health issues and we aim to optimise the health and well-being of UWC, and its students and staff by offering quality, convenient and appropriate medical care and support to the Campus community. The MMC service at UWC Campus Health is just one of the many health services we offer as part of our vision and mission.”

Why Have A Medical Male Circumcision?

  • The 30-minute procedure helps reduce the risk of HIV/Aids, and greatly improves hygiene. Other benefits include:
  • Decreased risk of urinary tract infections
  • Decreased risk of sexually transmitted infections
  • Prevention of penile problems
  • Decreased risk of penile cancer
  • Reduces your partner’s risks of  cervical cancer

And it is important that men understand some of the myths, misconceptions and realities around the process.

For example, circumcision does NOT lead to a loss of sexual function and pleasure, and has no effect on a man’s ability to make his partner pregnant. And yes, you may need to take it easy for a bit after the process – no manual labour or contact sports for at least a few days, for example.

The MMC service has been well-received over the last few years. “We have many students coming for the MMC service,” says Bagwandeen. “We hope however to reach out to many more male students to educate them about the free of charge and safe procedure that just takes a little bit of your time, and can benefit both male and female students greatly.”

When and Where to Get Your Medical Male Circumcision

MMC service is available at the UWC Campus Health and Wellness Centre on:

  • Tuesday 26 July 2016

  • Tuesday 23 August

  • Tuesday 20 September

  • Tuesday 18 October

For more information, or to make an appointment,contact us at 021 959 2876/5 or visit us at 1st Floor Community Health Sciences (CHS) building.

This service is offered in collaboration with the Western Cape Government.

The UWC Campus Health and Wellness Centre’s vision and purpose is the physical, emotional and mental well-being of students and staff, who can then perform optimally, thereby enhancing the overall success of UWC.