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7 April 2022
Healthcare workers treated at UWC wellness day
Healthcare workers were treated at the University of the Western Cape’s annual wellness day for Community Rehabilitation Workers (CRWs) and Home-Based Carers.

Staff and students from UWC’s faculties of community and health sciences (CHS), law, dentistry and natural sciences provided the services on Wednesday, 30 March and Thursday, 31 March 2022.

“This engagement comes out of having identified that the home-based carers and community rehabilitation workers are an essential part of the health workforce in South Africa,” said Professor Firdouza Waggie, CHS deputy dean for clinical and community engagement.

“They are at the frontline of bringing health and wellness services to the communities and currently are major role players in preventing the spread of COVID-19 and other diseases in communities,” said Professor Waggie.

“They are the first contact in the community. They walk from door-to-door to assist and help seniors and those in need of care. If we teach them self-care they will be good role models for patients,” said Professor Waggie.