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I am UWC Chante Holloway is a semi finalist in Miss SA Pageant

I am UWC: Chante Holloway is a semi finalist in Miss SA Pageant

UWC’s own Chante Holloway has been named one of the top 26 Miss South Africa 2016 finalists. When asked to describe herself, the 22 year old beauty from Atlantis jokingly called herself boring, saying, “I like being alone and I think alone time is important. I think if you can't be alone with yourself then I don't think you're happy with who you really are.”

The first-year BA student is majoring in politics, french and philosophy. However, she already obtained a certificate in Acting from the New York Film Academy before choosing UWC to study further. She chose this university because of its racial and cultural diversity. “UWC’s diversity hits home for me because I grew up in a place not knowing how to classify myself, because I'm mixed. So you go to a private  school and people judge you and then you go to a public school and people judge you. I feel like I fit in at UWC because it's so diverse, and I choose diversity over division every time”, said Chante.


Making it into the top 26 was a long process and Chante has had to balance her commitment to the pageant and her commitment to her studies. However, she is fulfilling a lifelong dream having entered the competition. “When I was in Grade one at Wesfleur Primary school, my teacher, Ms Ann Van Blerk, asked a question and I remember my answer being “the universe”, and ever since and up to today, she calls me Miss Universe. Since then I've always wanted to take part in Miss SA.”

Having come from a poor community and grown up next to a landfill her entire life, Chante is dedicated to giving back to her community and hopes to start a green project to improve its surroundings. “Charity begins at home, and as Miss SA you are a philanthropist and your work is to do good, and I would start in my own community. Having the opportunity to do good is why I want to win Miss SA.”

When she recently gave a speech at a primary school prom she reminded the youth of her community to rise above what is expected of them. “I told them that I’m not just doing this pageant for me; I'm doing it for them as well. I want them to know that there is more to strive for than gang violence and substance abuse. They don't need to conform to that life. I want them to know there are good people who come from Atlantis”, Chante explained.

Her message to the youth of South Africa, especially to young girls, is, “be yourself always because that is beautiful”.