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I Chose UWC 2018: Nkanyezi Sikakane’s New Home At UWC

I Chose UWC 2018: Nkanyezi Sikakane’s New Home At UWC

Nkanyezi Sikakane is one of many fresher students who are calling the University of the Western Cape home for the first time in 2018 - and for the enthusiastic first-year Bcom student, that’s more than just words.

Nkanyezi comes from the town of Randfontein, in Gauteng, one of three siblings, and a former student of Randfontein High School. Her desire for travelling is one of the reasons she is currently in Cape Town.

“I believe that this is a growing place - and I want to grow with it as much as possible,” she says with significant enthusiasm.

Nkanyezi is enrolled in the four-year Bcom General stream, and will major in Economics in her second year - she aspires to become an economist.

This aspiration was driven by watching economists on the news - particularly an ENCA news segment featuring Xhanti Payi, a celebrated South African economist and columnist.

“He was very inspiring, and instilled in me the idea that, with a proper understanding and use of economics, you can help the country,” she explains, “and I want to do that as much as possible.”

Nkanyezi says that economics is fun and interesting for her - so much so that she is looking forward to studying her books and is confident that she will excel.

Orientation was an eye opener for the young student - especially when she learned that at university, one needs to think and that one’s thoughts are appreciated: “In high school we are taught to absorb information whereas in this place we have to think for ourselves.”

Consulting with lecturers was one of the things which was advised to the first years by their facilitators, and Nkanyezi plans to follow this advice because she wants to excel in her studies. Furthermore, to build a good working relationship with her lecturers, she plans on being here for a very long time.

“I’m mostly looking forward to next year when I can choose Economics as my major and engage in conversations with my lecturers during consultation - and read more on my own,” she says.

Nkanyezi hopes to finish her Masters Degree in Economics - and then, after gaining experience in her field, coming back and becoming a lecturer at UWC, and being part of its growth, passing on the knowledge she’s obtained.

“I want to become part of the growing base of research within the economic field,” she says. “That is my ultimate goal.”

Nkanyezi is excited about being in spaces that will allow her to be comfortable and free. Apart from studying, she is keen on joining the debate team, as well as the Gender and Equity Unit.

“I’m too vibrant to be kept in a box,” she says, “and there is more to me than meets the eye.”

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