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IAFL South African Studentship Winner 2019

IAFL South African Studentship Winner 2019

IAFL is delighted to report that the recipient of the first IAFL / University of the Western Cape South African Travel Studentship is Sifiso Mtyityaba.

Sifiso's history is one of accomplishment in the face of adversity. He lost his mother at age 6. He was educated in English-speaking schools and with after school care programs, but managed to grow up safe in a very dangerous part of Cape Town. He is very interested in Family Law because “…it incorporates many disciplines that anchor a society…helping to eradicate the social ills in our societies, especially the poorest communities”. He notes that his interest in family law is founded on his affinity for children who shape the future of a family and the community in which they are a part!

Sifiso is an LLM student studying International Family Law at the University of the Western Cape and was selected for the studentship based on an essay on proposed amendments to the Children's Act concerning parental responsibilities and rights.

IAFL are currently polling our Fellows to identify those who would be willing and able to host Sifiso for a 3 week studentship starting June or July 2019.