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IDC donates R1,000,000 to UWC

Growing its partnership with the University of the Western Cape, the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) recently donated R1,000,000 to the University to help students from underprivileged backgrounds to benefit from what the institution has to offer academically in the Faculty of Science.

Professor Brian O'Connell, Rector and Vice-Chancellor at the University, says that UWC welcomes occasions such as these where companies want to make a difference in their communities, especially considering the fact that the University is predominantly comprised of a black student body.

During his presentation on the day he, explained that the University has 47% coloured registrants, 42% black students, and only 5% white students, and the funding from IDC makes it possible to reduce poverty in our country and opens more doors to those who previously were formerly denied access towards career learning opportunities.

“We need the assistance so that we can change the harsh reality of poverty that entrenches so many of our youth. Initiatives like these provide a chance of at least making a change in the lives of those

Prof O'Connell said the general allocation of the funding will include employing more teaching assistants who will make a difference in the classroom, and increasing the number of black students who are able to study in the fields Science and Technology.

He added that the funds will be used to involve students in evaluation programmes, and to acquire high-tech computers, ensuring students will be well trained in their respective fields.

Ms Josephine Gaveni, Divisional Executive for Human Capital at the Industrial Development Corporation, says working with the UWC is a great pleasure.

“We go around looking for partners such as this institution who show the same passion as IDC, and I must say that Prof O'Connell has driven the message of how we can improve the lives of others. With education being one of our interests, we had to partner with this University,” she explained.

Gaveni added that the IDC team realises the importance of learning, and their main commitment is the acknowledgment of the work being done by institutions like UWC.

UWC’s Pro Vice-Chancellor, Ms Patricia Lawrence, said: “Thank you IDC for the funding, and also thank you to those who made these proposals a success by putting in so much effort and energy”.

Ms Lawrence concluded by saying it will make a huge difference.