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18 June 2020
Important Announcement: UWC Awarded Two Prestigious Grants From the Kresge Foundation and the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation

(Published - 18 June 2020)

The Michael & Susan Dell Foundation grant of R3.9 million is for six months. The focus of the grant is on strengthening the virtual student support to undergraduate students during the COVID-19 pandemic. The grant funds will support two specific programmes during the COVID-19 pandemic: UWC Tutor Enhancement Programme (TEP) and the First Year Transition Programmes (FYTP).

The Michael & Susan Dell Foundation hopes that the grant will provide a platform for our tutors and mentors to reach out to as many students as possible and assist them in their new learning environment. The Michael & Susan Dell Foundation acknowledges the many barriers that vulnerable students face and aligns with our #NoStudentWillBeLeftBehind campaign, ensuring that students are provided with quality support during this crisis.

At UWC, care and compassion has always been central to the TEP and the FYTP and we will continue to be deliberate and inclusive in ensuring that our students feel a sense of belonging here. We would like to thank all our UWC tutors, mentors and transition officers for their amazing commitment to the programmes during this time of crisis.

Our second exciting grant is from the Kresge Foundation. This grant is for three years (approximately R1 720 200 per year), starting from February 2020 to 31 June 2023. We will be joining the Siyaphumelela (We Succeed) network as a partner for the next three years. The Siyaphumelela national project sets out to improve post-secondary student success using data to inform practice. As part of the Siyaphumelela network UWC has committed to the following student success goals:

1. First year retention to second year;
2. Undergraduate course success rates;
3. On-time completion rates; and,
4. Use of data to inform practice.

UWC would like to thank the Kresge Foundation and Michael & Susan Dell Foundations for supporting UWC’s Operation Student Success project. We cannot navigate such a challenging time in the history of the world without the support of such generous benefactors.


Prof Vivienne Lawack
Acting Rector and Vice-Chancellor