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18 January 2022
Isomeric & The Radioactive Ion Bean Facility
It was year 2022. The third and final year of the Pandemic. The world of science was desperately in need of hope, motivation and social interaction. Isomeric came to the rescue with his Radioactive Ion Bean Facility and loads of humour to share with everyone. 

Isomeric’s drawings are intended to be explained explicitly during class by extracting the actual mathematical content. In order to nurture further student engagement, we call physics legends upon: Newton, Einstein or Bohr, who are active characters of the story. Students familiarize and engage with Isomeric by seeing their physics heroes facing funny situations. In any way my intention is never mocking the greatest of the scientists and my own heroes, but to humanize a little bit these Gods of physics, who are sometimes a bit intimidating to students and academics alike. I hope you enjoy Isomeric & The Radioactive Ion Bean Facility as much as I did it while bringing it to life.

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Premier Wednesday, 19 January 2022 11am :